The RagTag Scrapstore


Shop with us for affordable craft materials including fabric & wool and help divert waste from landfill! ♻️ Perfect for craft projects, upcycling and school resources. We sell all kinds of craft materials in the Scrapstore, from the very ordinary to the very bazaar…

Our craft material are ever changing, and you can never be certain what you might find. But our general stock includes: Fabric, Felt, Wool, Paper, Card, Ribbon, Gift boxes, Leather, Glass & Plastic Bottles, Wadding, Zips, Packaging, CD Cases, Paper & Plastic Cups, Wallpaper, Carpet Tiles, Reels, Large tubes and so much more.

Pop in and see for yourself the goodies we stock. Some items in the Scrapstore are priced individually, but the majority can be purchased by filling a basket for £7 or a trolly for £30.

These crafts materials are great for home crafts, school supplies and upcycling projects. The options are endless! Check out our Facebook page for suggestions on things to make.

We also produce a range of craft kits from the scrap with our ReMake team. These are available on our online shop and in store.

Such an amazing place! Can’t believe what you can find there. A veritable haven for anyone wanting to find great things to create with at such a low cost.

So what makes us different from other craft material shops?

All of our arts and craft stock was originally destined for landfill but believe us, it really isn’t rubbish!

We receive donations from businesses who would have ordinarily thrown these items away.

Everything we collect is clean, safe and has endless creative possibilities. 

Not only do we provide the community with affordable creative supplies but we are diverting waste from landfill.

To use the Scrapstore it is essential you become a member, this is completely free and involves completing a simple form when you arrive. The Terms and Conditions for membership can be found here.