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Are you thinking of having a party?


We are very proud to deliver amazing creative parties, using recycled materials for children of all ages.


We also do craft parties for older children and adults.


Create your very own hand puppet using our array of beautiful scrap. First we will teach you how to create the basic structure and mechanism, then its up to you and your imagination to transform it into whatever you like. Older children can get really technical with adding moving eyes and all sorts of things.


Suitable for children aged 5+


£95 up to 10 children      £4.50 every extra child.


You could make a horse for a knight or princess, a unicorn or even a dragon, the choice is yours.

Using our amazing scrap you can decorate the head, giving it as much character and sparkle as you like, add the reigns and away you go! 


Suitable for children aged 2+


£95 up to 10 children       £4.50 every extra child.



Are you looking for a fun,

hands on party that is creative

but also really active?

Then this one may be for you.


Using our handmade mini golf course bases you will design and make your very own minature golf course. Then ready or not we will have the best game of

Mad-Junk Mini Golf ever!


Watch out though our resident (not so professional) golfer is here to help... kind of!


Suitable for children Aged 7+


£165 up to 15 children




Cardboard Kingdom is the party of all parties.

You can choose whichever kingdom you would like: Castles, Underwater Worlds, Pirate Ships, Frozen Kingdoms, Mermaid Lagoons, Rain Forests or even Outer Space!

We will build you your very own cardboard kingdom ready for you and your friends to play in and decorate. 


Warning: This one gets messy so make sure you come ready to have fun with paint! (We have aprons but the children manage to get paint everywhere)


Suitable for children aged 5+


£195 up to 15 children


This party idea is great for

children who really want to get

great creative. 


Meet Splatterman, he's a superhero with a difference and the owner of an amazing bike that makes works of art! 


Join him and explore the wonders of paint in a whole new way. You will make giant paintings with his special painting parachute and frame your very own splat bike spin painting.


This is another messy one so old clothes are essential!


Suitable for children Aged 7+


£165 up to 15 children


If you have a an idea for a party other than those listed above then please feel free to get in touch. We are always more than happy to design and deliver the party you want. 


Please get in touch and we can give you a quote. All bespoke parties will be quoted based on the planning and preparation time as well as delivery.


Each party lasts 1 1/2 hours which includes 1 hour activity and 30 mins for you to have your picnic. For Mini Golf, Cardboard Kingdom and Big Splat parties there is an option to extend the party time by an extra 30mins free of charge, please let us know if you would to include the extended time when booking.

We do not provide food, but you are welcome to use our kitchen which has a microwave, kettle, toaster, plates, bowls and mugs and plastic beakers. We ask that you wash up anything you use. 

You are welcome to arrive up to 30 mins before the party to put up balloons etc and set up your picnic.


There is a £30 deposit to be paid prior to the party, this secures your date. The final balance can be paid on the day of your party by bacs or card (there is a 50p charge to pay by card)


Party Times


Tues,Thur and Fri 11-12.30 or 4 -5.30

Saturday and Sunday. 11-12.30 or 2-3.30