Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events

With over 20 years experience working at events and festivals, from youth camps and community events, to music and art festivals we work at events such as Lakes Alive in Cumbria, Yorkshire Festival of Story, Burnely Canal Festival, Vintage by the Sea in Morecambe, Kendal Torchlight and many more across the North West .

We have developed a unique style of creative workshops and activities that are well suited to all kinds of settings and are accessible for all ages and abilities. We love to blur the lines between art, play and theatre, inviting participants to immerse themselves in completely new worlds through engaging activities, imaginative sets and wonderfully silly characters.

Our workshops and activities are led by experienced artists and facilitators and supported by an amazing team of volunteers.

With the environment and recycling at the heart of our organisation, you won’t be surprised that our workshops are also designed using reclaimed materials and celebrate the amazing things we can all do with scrap!

We have a number of different workshops and activities to choose from which vary in theme, scale and cost to best suit your event.

All workshops and activities are great as stand alone activities, but can also be combined for larger events.

If you have something specific in mind we also provide bespoke projects and can manage larger activity zones, so get in touch.

See below for activities details or click here for our festival brochure.

Join Mr Abstract and his friends in the Marvellous Art Gallery, a world in which famous paintings are brought to life and their subjects quite literally jump out of the frame at you! 

The Marvellous Art gallery is a space where imaginations can truly run wild as actors bring to life famous artworks such as Monet’s Waterlilies and Frida Kahlo’s self portraits. With painting classes with Mr Abstract, Spin and Pendulum art with Splat and Splodge and even Classical sculpture with Dave (Don’t worry he’s got his clothes on!) There is always something going on. And don’t worry! There are still plenty of empty frames in the gallery ready and waiting to display the amazing artworks created on the day!

Marvellous Art provides fun and entertainment for the whole family, with a program of activities to suit all ages. 

£400 to £1000 per day (single activities to full festival show)

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Get mad for Mini-Golf and join our not-so-professional golf enthusiasts as we design, build and play our very own miniature golf course – made entirely out of junk!

Mad-Junk Mini-Golf is a fun way to engage people of all ages in crafty collaboration. Our facilitators play hilarious golf enthusiasts who encourage participants to get involved both in making and playing the course. The full course consists of 9 pre-made golf hole bases and obstacle examples, a funky putters booth, putters, balls, scoreboards and a making station full of scrap materials

This activity can be run as a drop in activity or with a more structured programme depending on needs of your event. Mad-Junk Mini-Golf is  the perfect combination of creativity, fun, ingenuity and competition!

£400 to £600 per day (5 hole course or 9 hole course)

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Help our Kingdom Builders create an amazing Cardboard Kingdom where imaginations can run completely wild. 

Cardboard Kingdom is a unique installation built specially for your event! Audiences are invited to, shape, build, paint and play within their fully cardboard creation! From crafty castles, to playful pirate ships, under the sea to the magic of outer space, we can create a kingdom just for you! Our Kingdom Builders will get to work before your event begins to create a starting point based on your chosen theme. The rest will be built and decorated by the audience. They are also encouraged to dress up and play games in their newly decorated world. Optional cardboard accessories can be pre-made for children to paint and take away. (e.g. masks, swords, shields)

Warning this is a gloriously messy workshop with kids and grown-ups alike loving  getting covered in paint! The process can be done with colouring pens instead upon request..

£400 to £800 per day depending on size of kingdom and team
(Pre-made cardboard accessories – £100 for 50pk)
(Optional cardboard recycling fee – £50 – £100)

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Learn to juggle, spin a plate, dance with poi, walk on stilts, even ride a unicycle and loads more too!

Ragtag Circus Workshops are great for all kinds of events and settings, they are fun, engaging and accessible to all ages and abilities. Workshop activities include: stilt walking, juggling, plate spinning, diablo, flower sticks, hula hooping, balance beams, unicycling and lots more circus skills too.

Full setup includes 2 workshop leaders and an impactful festival flag and bunting circus arena. Capacity for up to 40 people at a time. Stilt walkers and giant bubbles are also available.

From £300 per day
(2 hour session – From £200)

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‘Loose Parts Play’ is all about creating space for kids to build, discover and play. Turning crates into towers, pallets into dens, pipes into marble runs or whatever else their imaginations decide.

Loose parts play equipment Includes: Reels, bobbins, cones, tubing, crates, plastic shapes, wooden blocks, planks, guttering and loads more weird and wonderful things. Our festival kit also includes larger bespoke items to really capture imaginations.

Materials are strong, weatherproof, child safe and repurposed, diverting waste from landfill.

Children are encouraged to construct, arrange and play with the materials in anyway they like. Facilitators will support children, keeping the space safe as well as initiating and developing ideas and games.

£300 to £500 per day
(2 hour session – £200 to £350)

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From junk modelling to print-making, puppet building to fun with clay. We run all kinds of different workshops using re-claimed materials.

Scrap Art activities are great for smaller events or as an additional activity. Workshop activities include: Junk modelling, costume and mask making, weaving, scrap puppets, clay and print-making. We use resources come from Scrapstore, which are repurposed and diverted from landfill. 

£300 per activity per day
(2 hour session – £200 per activity)

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We create giant puppets, carnival costumes and installations at events and festivals involving participants through creative workshops.

Carnival art workshops involve festival goers in creating large puppets, carnival costumes and installations for display or to parade.

Backpacks and/or base structures are prepared prior to the event and workshops involve participants in decoration, elements of the build and parading.

Carnival art workshops run for a minimum of 2 days. Scale and detail of artworks increase according to the number of days and team size.

From £1000 per day (min 2 days)

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